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A feminist IRC channel (chat room). We talk about gender, politics, oppression and many other things. We lean geeky and radical leftist. We like your company!

We define feminism as a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at eliminating political, economic, and social inequalities between genders arising from structural oppression and exploitation of those who aren’t men.

Trans woman exclusionary radical feminists are not welcome.

How to Connect

Via IRC Client

Simply connect to chat.freenode.net:6697 (SSL) or chat.freenode.net:6667 and join ##feminist

For those with security concerns, here’s a guide on concealing your IP.

Via Webchat

Visit our IRC channel

Rules and Guidelines

This specific chat room isn’t here to convert people; it is here to facilitate discussion between feminists as well as bring to the forefront the often ignored ways in which capitalism oppresses women and other groups. There are other spaces on the internet readily available for those who are on the fence or wish to engage in debate on the necessity of the feminist movement.

##feminist Stands in Opposition to Liberal Notions of “Free Speech”*.

We believe that speech, like everything else, has a class character, and that some speech can be oppressive. This is why speech that is patriarchal, racist, cissexist, homophobic, ableist, or otherwise oppressive is banned. People who use this speech will either be warned and asked to change the wording of their comments, or will be outright banned, depending on context. Users should also take care to censor their usage of slurs.

Do Not Attempt to Justify Your Use of Oppressive Language.

Doing this will almost assuredly result in a ban. Accept the criticism in a principled manner, retract or change your comment accordingly, and move on, learning from your mistake.

Discussions That Are Off-Topic or Otherwise Irrelevant to ##feminist Will be Redirected.

This includes discussions about illicit drug usage, public displays of affection and flirting, and sexual exploits. We also have a second chat room, ##feminist-theory, for more complex discussions that may alienate or not be accessible to all users. We also ask that users remain cognizant of the fact their our chat room is international in its make-up and take effort to discuss topics outside the USA.

Comments Asking Entry-Level Questions Will Not Be Allowed.

Questions like “What is feminism?” or “Aren’t women already equal to men?” will not be tolerated as they are not the focus on this space. We ask that users educate themselves on these matters via our Educational Resources.

Users Complaining About “Authoritarian” Moderation Methods Will Be Banned.

If you do not like the style of moderation of this chat room, you are free to leave. There are other chat rooms that are better suited to you. If you feel you have a legitimate grievance, message the moderators. Attacking moderators in the chat room will likely result in a ban.

Feminists of All Tendencies Are Welcome Here**.

We ask that sectarianism be kept to a minimum. While criticism is allowed, we do not tolerate trash-talking or petty fighting; it must come from a position of striving to improve feminism and the material conditions of women’s lives. People repeatedly ‘trash talking’ other groups, or trolling with their criticism, can and will be muted or banned.

Non-Feminist Posters Are Not Welcome Here.

##feminist is by and for feminists. Non-feminists are strongly encourage to not participate here. If you feel the need to ignore this warning, do not advertise your ideology; you will be banned. This rule also applies to police and military members of the armed forces of capitalist nations.

Unwelcome Comments on Users’ Personal Choices Will Not Be Allowed.

Although we recognize the personal is political, this is not a space to express uninvited opinions or criticize other people’s personal lifestyle choices, especially as it concerns health, diet, employment, and personal relationships.


*On free speech:

  1. This space opposes free speech, which generates a lot of misguided accusations. Opposing free speech does not mean we reject the notion of debating opposing viewpoints, or that we support the practice of personal censorship. This space rejects the notion that all speech belongs everywhere.
  2. This space is opposed to oppressive speech. ##feminist gets denunciations that view this guideline as oppressive. For those who are truly concerned about eliminating oppression, why would you defend oppressive speech to eternity? If oppression is to be ended, oppression through speech cannot continue.
  3. Oppressive speech is a part of free speech.
  4. Feminists in this space will often reject the defence of oppressive speech as a liberal tenet. Some feminists who aim to eliminate oppression do not defend the speech of the oppressors, such as the speech of racists, sexists and homophobes. This forum supports these efforts.
  5. ##feminist is not a liberal chat room. Liberals might come in the defence of Nazi speech, feminists in this space won’t.
  6. Oppressive speech supports authority where it is undue (for example: the authority of white people over black people, of men over women). Thus, this space rejects the liberal accusations of authoritarianism based on its stance against free speech. ## * Men, White people, heterosexuals, and cis people set the oppressive normative standards of our society. Attacking such groups does not qualify as oppressive speech and is not equivalent to attacking oppressed groups; reverse racism and misandry do not exist. MRAs will be instantly banned.
  7. Patriarchal, white supremacist, cissexist, homophobic, or otherwise oppressive speech is not tolerated here.
    • This chat room is meant to be a more friendly place for feminists to participate without having to be subjected to oppressive speech. Women, people of colour, queer people should feel welcome. Do your part.
    • This is not restricted to comments that are openly hateful (for example: I hate women, women are inferior, etc). For example: if there is a comment about the first woman cosmonaut, and there is a user who chose to comment solely on her hair, this poster is being objectively sexist. Try to educate yourselves and each other. The moderators will try not to be overzealous in enforcing the policy, but politely ask that you try to err against posting offensive things. This chat room believes that humour, serious theoretical discussions and casual conversations can all be had without offending anyone.
  8. Free speech will also be used in the defence of off-topic discussions, or comments that otherwise break the rules of ##feminist. To this the response of this chat room is: if all discussions can exist everywhere, what is the purpose of having several different chat rooms?
  9. This chat room’s aim towards this subject is to create a class-conscious speech. Readers will note that speech has a class character, and that socialist feminists are against bourgeois speech. The aim of this space is to create an environment that promotes continuous discussion that accretes theory and knowledge.
  10. Those who want to engage in bourgeois speech will not be able to do so in ##feminist, but they have many other spaces to choose from, and can create their own chat rooms.

**With the exception of toxic/reactionary ideologies:

Sexists, transphobes, fascists, consistent apologists for imperialism, racists, homophobes, ableists, and other bigots are not welcome. They shall be banned on sight. If a banned user wishes to rejoin the space, rehabilitation may require a private or public repudiation of the toxic ideology and a private apology to those affected and/or an in-channel apology. Ops may through constructive consensus expand the ideologies regarded as toxic; the list above is not exhaustive but serves as a guide. Reactionary and conservative ideologies that wish to eliminate the gains feminists have fought for or uphold oppressions we are currently combating are all considered toxic.


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Feel free to contact any of the moderators on IRC, if you have any issues or questions.

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