Freenode Feminists

About Us

We are a bunch of intersectional feminists. We talk about gender, politics, oppression and many other things. We lean geeky. We like your company!

How to Connect

With IRC clients

Simply connect to chat.freenode.net:6697 (SSL) or chat.freenode.net:6667 and join ##feminist

For those with security concerns, here’s a guide on concealing your IP.

Via Webchat

Use Freenode’s web client by clicking here.


Full Rules


@Airship | @Erika-Mustermann | @Jetbeard | @nyux (terra-and-luna) | @Starlurk | @yardenac

Feel free to contact any of the moderators on IRC, if you have any issues or questions.

Using the Bot

No one knows how to do this, really–not even us!